A3D just plays: Thief II – The Metal Age (2000;FP;Stealth-Action)

This is what I’m excessively play right now. As addition to my original Thief Collection, I just downloaded the Keepers Collection Pack, a fan made package, including all three games plus DualCoreFix and graphic / script additions to improve upon the already revolutionary vanilla releases.

Thief is still the first game series that uses light, shadows and sound as leading game mechanics, challenging the player to be sneaky and silent, while reaching his goals. Combat abilities are pretty limited and open combat with guards, mechanist creations, zombies or other creatures should always be the last resort if the player is caught.

You’re a master thief and it’s obvious that playing the game on a lower difficulty than Expert should not be an option.

An old associate of Garrett, Basso the Boxman – rescued from Cragscleft Prison on Expert difficulty level in the second mission of Thief: The Dark Project – wants to marry Lady Rumford’s chambermaid, Jenivere. This would void her service contract, so Rumford has the girl locked up in the estate. Garrett is asked to clear a path for Basso to rescue her without killing any of the guards, which also means Garrett has to avoid so much as being seen by the guards in order to avoid confrontations.

  • Once you’re ready for Basso to go, give the signal using the birdcall he gave you. You have to be close enough for him to hear it!
  • Help Basso and Jenivere get out of the mansion together. You’ll need to scout ahead to make sure Basso’s route is safe.
  • Jenivere would be aghast if anybody died because of this. Don’t kill anyone.
  • Luckily, Basso didn’t say anything about not taking Lady Rumford’s stuff. Get 300 in loot. (Hard)
  • Luckily, Basso didn’t say anything about not taking Lady Rumford’s stuff. Get 600 in loot, including 200 in gems. (Expert)
  • Still, nothing stops you from teaching these guards a lesson and getting in a little practice. Score at least 8 knockouts. (Expert)

source: http://thief.wikia.com/wiki/OM_T2_Running_Interference

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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