Biohazard 2 Sourcenext Review (Resident Evil 2 Sourcenext)

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15 Responses to Biohazard 2 Sourcenext Review (Resident Evil 2 Sourcenext)

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  2. Great review! The most complete review of the SourceNext release on the internet.
    I have noticed that the game can’t handle well the dark areas of the backgrounds. In many instances it looks like 256 colours mode. Have you noticed that too, or is it my CPU?

    Here are some screenshots I took with fraps:

    • Thank you for the input. Well, I’m not sure why it looks that way. Are you familiar with the initial Platinum release for PC? I bet it looked shady there too. The only explanation that comes to my mind is that dark areas of the game look better on a TV display (PS1) than they do on a PC display. Maybe the backgrounds got re-compressed too during the process working with the source material. But I’m pretty sure it looked always like that.

      Keep your Eyes open, and may you find more nice things I’ve missed or are worth mentioning.

  3. Cem says:

    how to install translate patch ?

    • All the informations you need can be found in the readme file of the translation patch. If you need advice please refer to that or go ask the author of the patch. Thank You!

  4. Red John says:

    Can you do the 180 turn in this version? Also what pout the controls? Can you use a ps4 controller or xbox one controller?

  5. Christopher Bradford says:

    Is there any other patches that could be used to smooth out the graffics more? Filters? anything? I want this running pretty bad. And I have both versions. Now only if I could get RE1 for pc working flawlessly..

  6. Christopher Bradford says:

    How can I change the resolution? Or any other tweaks I can do. Thank you.

    • You can hit the F8 key to switch between fullscreen/windowed mode. But other than that there is no way to alter resolution or to add filters. Sourcenext port is build in a way that ensures that the game can run on any system. Alterning the game beyond replacing of audio/models requires to hack and modify the bio2.exe afaik. Don’t ask me how to do it, I don’t know. There are active communities out there that might have a modded executable. But I don’t know. You will have to research that yourself. Good luck. Thanks for the comment.

      • Tyler says:

        does BH2SN fix this problem where every time i open the game the games res is also my PCs res cause thatll be one more reason im getting this version then the one i have currently

  7. Tyler says:

    How do i add the translation patch my as this is my first time patching anything

    • Tyler says:

      it says i dont have enough space on the disc what do i do now

      • I never used the translation patch. I cannot help you. I know the game in and out that I dont need the text in english when playing it. I am sorry.

        I just left the translation patch there for people that want to try it out. I dont guarantee that it is working.

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