About Myself

in short

I’ am the mastermind behind the youtube channel “Lets Play with A3D” and owner of this blog here. A gaming enthusiast loving video games made during the 90’s, addicted PC and Playstation freak and the nerd to talk about video games all day long.

You can call me Acantophis3rD or Joey and I was born in 1984 somewhere in germany. Joey is in fact not my realname, the same appeals to my Google+ Joey Lansing, which is a combination of my first name and the last name of a character from the system shock games.


But I’m not playing online. Think twice if its worth to send me a friend request. If I want to add someone, then I will talk to him and tell him why ;)

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the full story

I began gaming with the age of 6 at my best friends home. He owned a Sega Genesis and I watched him playing, because myself was very awful in handling the controller. With the age of 12, my uncle gave to me a computer, which I used to play games, working with Windows 95 and writing childish fantasy stories. My first computer game was Wolfenstein3D and later Command and Conquer. I wasted time in playing different games found on compilations. In 1998, my new best friend brought his Sony Playstation to my home and me and my other friend watched him playing Resident Evil 2.  I loved this game and started begging my father to buy me my own playstation. I only used to play games on Sony consoles, buying lots of games with my best friend ritual and wasted hours over hours into gaming every kind of game.

my history on youtube

I began uploading gameplay videos on Youtube in Dec, 2007 and later in April, 2008 continued with voice narration. My idol was the user cloud8745. I entered his competition in which other gamers could enter their own narrated gameplay videos. It was the beginning of my career as a Lets player. My entry to his contest is still one of the most viewed and rated videos on my channel. What started as a video promotion project for my MMO guild, lurks its way from speed running Command and Conquer PC-DOS version, up to Lets Playing.


After reading various blogs and community sites about video gaming on the internet, I decided to start my own private blog here on wordpress just named Acantophis.net. Since then I wrote some articles about my daily gaming life and celebrated most of my favorite franchises and video games that impressed me and kept stuck in my head. I too started a self hosted blog, trying to create my own little community of followers and failed only to come back to wordpress and continuing my work as an ordinary privat blogger. I like it the way it is to be honest.


Through finally having a full time job and lots of work to do in real life, my hobby of Let’s playing began to slow down. Full game video walkthroughs no longer continue daily and my interest in gaming turned back to playing video games for myself or together with my wife while having a great time. Jup, she’s an fascinated gamer just how myself. I still keep uploading new gameplay videos and writing articles on video games of the 90’s and sharing my thoughts and feelings about games of the current generation.

what is this 30 days of gaming challenge?

Read my introduction page and start your own challenge on your blog. It’s pretty simple. Just use the topic of the 30 headlines and write your own articles on your blog. Don’t forget to mention me if you accept the challenge ;)

what is lets playing?

Lets playing is a way to share your gaming experience inside gameplay videos. You can compare Lets Players with the moderator of a TV-Show, but in this case as a player which is speaking while playing. There are many kinds of lets players out there. Some play the classic or even retro games, while others always buy the newest games to play and narrate it for their and your entertainment. As I started, there was not such term how Lets Playing. Just gamers showing her skills. What began as a phenomena, a simple improvement of speed running, became a own part of modern gaming culture.

my completed let’s play’s

These are all my full game video walkthroughs in not chronological order. Just click on the cover to watch it.
Be aware: Some of these guides are over 10 hours long. Enough time to fill almost an entire week for you to watch!

Alien Trilogy

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