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Chicajo´s Sshockmids Repacked
This package includes Chicajo´s MIDI remixes for System Shock,that aren’t available as download on his website. All of his author notes got rewritten by myself and are as well as a playlist included in my package. All credits go to him!

Download (134,81 kb @mediafire)

Unofficial Soundtrack (Updated 02/06/2013)
A selection of the most fitting pieces around the web. Only pieces made it into the final selection that exactly sound like in the game. Available in 320kb, 44mhz MP3.

01 Intro Theme (6 MB)
02 Medical Section (10 MB)
03 Research & Development (6,7 MB)
04 Reactor (9,8 MB)
05 Maintenance (Remix) (2,7 MB)
06 Executive (15 MB) (currently unavailable)
07 Executive Groves (Remix) (6,8 MB)
08 Security & Bridge (10 MB)
09 Cyberspace (6,8 MB)
10 Elevator Theme (4,4 MB)
11 End Theme (Remix) (6,5 MB)

8-bit Soundtrack (Updated: 09/19/2011)
Can’t get enough of the clicks and peeps? Download 8-bit-like versions of some of the tracks here, even though they don’t sound much different to the originals.

00 Menu Loop 8-bit (460 KB)
01 Intro Theme 8-bit (1,9 MB)
02 Medical Section 8-bit (1,8 MB)
03 Elevator 8-bit (900 KB)
04 Executives 8-bit (2,2 MB)
05 Groves 8-bit (1,4 MB)
06 Reactor 8-bit (2,5 MB)
07 Security 8-bit (2,9 MB)
08 Cyberspace 8-bit (3 MB)
09 End 8-bit (1 MB)
10 Dead 8-bit (310 KB)

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6 Responses to SS1 Music

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hey man, great site. I too am a fan of REAL games and system shock is definitely one of them. The soundtrack’s mind blowing as well so was very please with this find. I liked the 8-bit remixes I found on youtube as well, but I can’t seem to download them here. Link’s broken, it seems. Is that something you could fix?

    Anyway, keep it up :)

    • Thank You for the info on the broken links. Something has happened to many of the files on the server. Some are still available, others not. I’ll put em online somewhere else to prevent this from happening again. I’ll too post an update on the site once it’s done.

      • Sebastián says:

        I just recently came back to the site, almost by accident (you know, those times when you just have to watch SS related stuff on youtube :P). Thanks a lot for fixing the links, I’m downloading everything right now :D

        Great job on the site again.

  2. St3v3n says:

    Thanks for the files! Unfortunately “06 Executive” looks like a dead link (“invalid or deleted file”).
    Could You please re-upload it? Thanks in advance.

    • I checked and the file is obviously missing on the server. I need to find the files on my harddisks and then I’ll upload it. Meanwhile, you can find the track on my youtube channel.

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