Mod-Ready System Shock 2

My guide features all necessary information you need to make your original copy of system shock 2 mod-ready. I try to keep my FAQ as updated as possible, but I advice you to get your informations from the website that kept and will keep the legend alive: Get your copy with a lot of bonus material from for $9,99! A mod-ready installation allows you to play the game on modern multi-core CPUs, modern OS like Win Vista / 7 and the use of fan made mods like the amazing graphics or model upgrades.

2/18/2013 You can now buy and download System Shock2 at for $9,99 . It is no longer required to use the SS2HOTU version or any other illegal file-sharing platform to get on a copy for the game.

2/17/2013 This guide should actually work with the version (buy). I haven’t had the chance to install my copy in the last few days, but I gonna certify this information as soon as possible.

10/19/2010If you don’t own an original copy anymore, because you sold it mistakenly on e-bay (yes, this happened already to someone I know :p) or you want to play it with the original english voice cast instead of the french or german one (like myself), then feel free to use the SS2 HOTU version (download) .

1. clean installation

Install the game
– with the GOGcom Installer
– from the original cd-rom (just copy the shock folder from the cd to your hard drive)
– from your iso file
– or decompress the SS2 HOTU version.
A fresh installation is necessary! (Be advised not to copy the files to your Windows Vista / 7 Programm Files folder.)

2. patch, fixes, mod-ready

Download Koyla´s SSTool v5.0 , run it and select the System Shock 2
Using the tool…
– will patch the game to the latest version
– makes the game mod-ready
– adds the NewDark engine
– adds Bloom effects
– installs important bug fixes (allows it to be played on multicore CPUs)

3. download and unpack mods

Before, you had to use a Mod-Manager to install Upgrade Packs, now you only need to download and unpack the Mods into the DataPermMods folder inside your System Shock 2 directory.
Please follow the instructions in the great SS2 Newbie Modding Guide and enjoy your System Shock 2 experience, again or for your first time.

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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5 Responses to Mod-Ready System Shock 2

  1. Gargantou says:

    I seem to remember the optimal way to install SS2 from CD is to not use the installer but just copy the /shock folder from the CD to the computer?

    • Yeah, but they felt it would be nicer to have this nice little tools around that help to avoid unwanted failures when installing mods.

      • Gargantou says:

        Yeah, I’m just saying the optimal way if you have the original CD game is to copy the SHOCK folder to your computer, the rest of your guide is 100% correct, I just felt that it might be good seeing as on SMA that’s usually what you get told to do first if you have any problems with the game.

        I didn’t mean it as criticism, merely an addition to your article, sorry if I came off as being a jerk :|

  2. SoPP says:

    Thanks for this. Ive used it to set up my copy of SS2 Ive just downloaded.

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