SS1 Walkthrough WirePuzzles


Save your game before you begin to solve the puzzle. Use a logic probe to solve the puzzle and notice the wires end points and colors. Now you can load your game again and solve the wire puzzle without using the logic probe. If you do it that way you only need one logic probe for the entire game.

This is part of my Very Detailed System Shock 1 TextFAQ v.0.2b


If your puzzle setting is 0 all puzzles will solve automaticly.
If your puzzle setting is 1 or 2 you only need the right wire endpoints.
If your puzzle setting is 3 you need the right color of the wire and its endpoints.
Theres only one solution for every wire puzzle in the game.

station level



Level R
opens door near Shield Generator room

turns on the lights
Level 1
activates force bridge
Level 2
displays override code in library

opens door to Robot Maintenance
Level 3
opens demodulator
Level 5
activates force bridge
Level 7
opens door to Gamma in core

creates exit out of storage room

opens door to Alpha in core

disables autoclose on nearby door

opens door to Beta in core
Level 9
opens 3rd force door to computer room

opens first force door to computer room

opens second force door to computer room

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