Resident Evil 2 PC-Version FAQ

Resident Evil 3 Sourcenext Review (Biohazard 3 Sourcenext)

This game was released for very Windows 9x operating systems and many errors show up while trying to run it on Windows XP and above. This FAQ explains how to install and run Resident Evil 2 PC on a modern Windows operating system.

Biohazard 2 Sourcenext
There is a version of Biohazard 2, called Biohazard 2 Sourcenext, that was released only in Japan and is optimized to run on modern operating systems. But it is only available to buy in Japan. Read Full Review here!

I’m still searching for the german blood patch to change the blood color from green to red. Send me an e-mail at if you still own it and want to share it with me. Any help is much appreciated!

Can’t get enough of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 for PC? Check my PC Version FAQ.


Resident Evil 2 PC-Version FAQ
version 1.1 by Acantophis3rD on 10/08/2014

Table of Content:
- About this FAQ
- Facts about the PC-Version
- Playing the Game
- Official Patch v.1.4 Notes
- Install the Game
- Apply Patch
- Corrupt Savegame Fix
- File Open Error Fix
- German Uncut Patch
- Special Thanks
- Legal Disclaimer

About this FAQ:
This game was released for very old Windows operating systems
and many errors show up while trying to run it on Windows
systems above Win9x. This FAQ explains how to install and run
Resident Evil 2 PC on a modern Windows operating system.

Facts about the PC-Version:
- It includes a Extreme Battle Mode with Ada Wong and Chris
Redfield as playable characters. You need at least to complete
the Hard Mode once.
- The PC port features an extra menu and automatically adds
new content to it when the player encounters things while
playing through the scenarios.
This makes the PC port the most advanced one ever releases
of this game.
- The Extra Menu on the CD-ROM for Leon features:
. A Gallery with Rough Sketches.
. A Movie Viewer to watch all animated cut scenes.
- The Extra Menu on the CD-ROM for Claire features:
. A Gallery with Illustrations.
. A Movie Viewer to watch all animated cut scenes.
. A Model Viewer to watch all character and monster models.

Playing the Game:
- The game itself does not need to be installed on your hard disk
drive and runs perfectly from the cd-roms.
- The corrupt savegame problem can be solved by using a fat32
formatted USB flash drive as the save game directory.
- Select the Voodoo Banshee (The greatest graphics card from the
90s!) with 320x240 16bitColour Fullscreen or else you will see
the game running in a tiny picture in the middle of a black
screen. This also allows you to capture footage with the screen
recorder FRAPS.
- If you still have problems to run the game, then switch
through the graphic drivers inside the driver selection screen
until it works for you.

Official Patch v.1.4 Notes:
- You only need to install the game if you want to apply this
- The Patch 1.4 adds a new graphics driver to the driver
selection screen.
- The Patch 1.4 automatically unlocks the extreme battle mode
together with Ada and Chris as playable characters. No need to
complete the hard mode first.
- The Patch 1.4 does not fix the corrupt savegame problem.

Install the game:
- Insert disk 1 for Leon and install the game.
- Insert disk 2 for Claire and install the game again.

Apply patch:
- Copy files from the .zip into the installation folder.
- Run leonu.bat for playing leon 1.4.
- Run clairu.bat for playing claire 1.4.
- Never run the game from the autostart menu.
- Always start the game with these two executables to play with
the update.

Corrupt Savegame Fix:
- Savegames cant be written on a ntfs formatted hard disc,
but not loaded.
- To solve the corrupt savegame problem use a fat32
formatted USB flash drive as the savegame folder.
File Open Error Fix:
- Inside the installation folder rename:
common/datp -> common/datu
Pl0/rdp -> Pl0/rdu
Pl1/rdp -> Pl1/rdu

German Uncut Patch:
- I own the US PC version, but I am still searching for the
german blood patch to change the blood color from green to
red. Send me an e-mail at if you still
own it.

Special Thanks
@raycarter71 for the solution to the corrupt savegame problem
Legal Disclaimer:
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written
permission except for
Use of this guide on any other website or as part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
I allow you to make a printed copy for yourself and one of your
friends. Send me an e-mail at if you
want to use this guide or parts of it on your website.


About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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17 Responses to Resident Evil 2 PC-Version FAQ

  1. Roro says:

    Hello i have download resident evil 2 but when i run the game it give me :Resident evil 2 “ver0.981021” common /Datu/gwarning.adt I cant run the game please neeed heeelp ASAP

    • I never heard of a error message with version number in it. My advice, get a real official copy, no illegal stuff. ;) may it works then with real cds.

  2. Jesse Lee Rogers says:

    Hmmm, I have an HP laptop with windows 7 and a 64 bit operating system and the only problem with the game that I have noticed so far is that the game will unexpectedly stop working and I have to close it. I have no patch downloaded yet and I have also been able to save and load my game with no troubles at all.

  3. Jeff Lavenz says:

    I run windows 8 core, and whenever I run the batch file for the patch- no rhyme intended- I get the game running when in fullscreen and windowed, but the movies will not show. I have copied over all the movies from each disc, including the ones in the zmovie folder outside of the pl0/pl1 folders. Please help, everything else works fine, it’s just those movies that don’t work, all I get is a black screen, the audio is still there.

    • I have no solution for you. I guess it got to do with directx. The discs come with a very old directx version, try run it in XP mode and install this directx version there. To be honest, I have no idea what video format the movies have. Try to run the movies in VLC media player and check the codec that is needed to see the films and try to find and install those. And, I have no experience with Windows8. That’s the least I can do for you. Please write back once you know your solution. Thank you!

      • Jeff Lavenz says:

        I have opened the titlele.bin and titlece.bin in vlc media player. they play correctly. it might be directx, but could also be the no cd I’m using with 1.04. I might revert back to 1.00 and go from that. I’ll do so and tell you if that helps.

      • Jeff Lavenz says:

        News on my game: It is now fixed. I might as well post this for other windows 8 users so they don’t have the same problem as me. It is not the cracks, it’s running it in fullscreen that makes it show the black screen. So, here’s what you do to fix this:

        1. BEFORE installing the patch, open residentevil2.exe from either the leon or claire disc.
        2. Change your video mode to Voodoo Banshee, running on either 320×240 or 640×480 windowed mode.
        3. Apply patch

        Fixed! Now I can bask in its 1999, zombie epicness and glory! :3

  4. jorge arnes says:

    I have a problem to start wanting to play on a PC with Windows 7, I get a message that says:


  5. ray says:

    The corrupt savegame prob. can be solved by using a fat32 formatted usb stick as the save game directory.

    • So the file table seems to be the problem then? I should have known it, NTFS and it’s user-right management bullshit, screwed up the savegames then.
      Well, how much percent is your hint true? Tested it?
      Maybe I gonna put it into the FAQ.

  6. ray says:

    You can also get the Biohazard 2 (sourcenext) which is a Japanese released version .
    It has support for modern systems.
    Someone made an english patch for it .(it was only in japan)
    Google is your friend.

  7. ray says:

    (it was only in japan) means it was only released in japan.

  8. ray says:

    here u go.,english patch for biohazard 2

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