Let’s Introduce: Earth 2150 (1999;RTS)

Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet is the first part of the real-time strategy video game trilogy developed by RealityPump, former TopWare Interactive and the follow up to Topwares Earth 2140 Trilogy. The endless war between the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) and the United Civilized States (UCS) damaged our beloved Earth, making it drifting into the sun. The doom of mankind is at hand. In less than 180 days, each fraction is trying to build gigantic spaceships, so called Arks to escape their faith. The fractions progress as well as the latest informations about earths final hours will be presented during news-flashs during the campaign. Meanwhile a third fraction, the Lunar Science Cooperation (LC) seeks for a way to prevent Earths destruction.

The player takes control over the projects success. During the game, ED and UCS have to gather a total amount of 100.000.000 Credits each to end the development circle for the arks. Unlike other RTS games, the player got a main base responsible for research and weapon development as well as choosing a mission somewhere else on the planet. During a mission he can switch between main base and  battlefield and transfer forces and other equipment between them. He must spend Credits for research, battle unit development  and production as well as donate credits to the progress of the ark construction while facing enemy forces on the battlefields. The LC campaign is a lot more different and its focus is more on stealth, stealing and defensive warfare than the ones for ED and UCS.

Some of the missions require to dig tunnel systems and to operate underground to avoid direct conflict with enemy forces while others will only be available once the player found enemy intelligence which will unlock new mission areas or is giving the option to research new weapon technologies. You can fail or abort any mission and still see the end of the game, even though it means that your campaign fails, which isn’t what the player wishes to see. This constant need for research, micro- and resource management keeps the player busy and is a great catalyst for the player to success in the campaign and to lead his side to victory.

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