The Iron Fist Tournament 6 begins soon

Tekken 6 Here are all PS3 release dates:

USA Release: 27 of October
EUROPE Release: 30 of October
UK Release: 5 of November
Japan Release: 29 of October

My friend and I cant wait for the next Tekken Game to be released on our PS3 systems. Its a crime that the Tekken Franchise will come out for the XBox360, too. A Tekken game on a different console as a PS3? What the hell! Lets read some more about my thoughts and wishes for the game.

Old Tournaments

I remember as I have played Tekken 3 with my best friend back on the Sony Playstation. I never touched a Beat em Up before. Yeah its true! I didnt played Street Fighter. You can call me a idiot, but I dont care.
A lot of my friends loved to fight against my best friend that died in November 2007. He was the best of us in the game and equal what Tekken game came out: He always beats the shit out of us all! Even Team-Tag duels against him always result into a loose.

Iron Fist Tournament 5

On the release day of Tekken 5, we decidet to share the money to buy it straight away. We played one night long. Ritual (that was my best friends shoutname on the internet) came back 2 weeks later and did a lot of practice.
Now he was a enemy to be feared. I remember ongoing matches with end states of 64 to 10 for him against my friend @NIM@ and myself: A unstopable fighting machine!
After his dead I got his crown and now I was the one that ruled over all my friends. The only enemie I got now was my wife. But I am fine with end states like 83 to 80 against her.

Iron Fist Tournament 6

But now there is Tekken 6 and we all cant wait to get our hands on this new baby. My wife wants to buy it for the Xbox360 but still makes @NIM@ and me laugh about her. HAHAHA: A Tekken game belongs to a Playstation console! All others are just Xbox fanboys or something else.

30 of October is the release date for EUROPE. And you can be sure that we will grap it on exactly this day and not a hour too late.

Wishes for the Tournament

I dont know what mini-games, characters or special-modes will be includet in Tekken 6, because I want to find it out myself when I hold the Disk in my hands. But my wishes for the game are:

  • a cool story mode like the Devil Within from Tekken 5
  • 2 player challanges against the Mishima Army (Tekken 3)
  • multiplayer ranking system (Soul Calibur 4)
  • custom outfits and equipment (Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 4)
  • maybe some ARCADE-CLASSICS (Tekken 5)

I will find out what the game features on release day and write a little first look about it. Just hold on a little bit more!

About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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