The gamer list

Many gamers from different countries and cultures share their gaming thoughts and skills with other gamers around the world. May it be a short Gameplay Clip, a Full Game Let’s Play, Videowalkthrough or Text and Videoblog, They not just share gameplay, they share emotions, knowledge, awesomeness or educate the current gamer generation of games they never heard about. Their goal? Entertainment! Pick a few of them from my list below and support them regardless! Thank You!

Let’s Play LP
Videoblog VB
Gameplay Clips GP
Walkthrough WT
Name Style Twitter Youtube Blog
Aeterna LP @xaeternax Aeterna’s Let’s Plays
Greenbulletgame LP @greenbulletgame Gaming With Greenbullet
ChronoGear LP Chronogear’s Channel
Newfiebangaa LP @newfiebangaa Newfiebangaa’s Channel
Elbryan42 WT/VB Elbryan42’s Groovy Channel
Chumara22 LP @chumara22 Chumara Warrior
CuteFloor GP @ctflr PC CLASSICS
FrozenFoxy LP/VB @frozenfoxy
GamerBomb LP @gamerbomb Gamerbomb’s Channel
Gamefreakblog GP/VB @gamefreakblog Gamer since birth….
BoomerDC LP @BoomerDC Boomer2k6’s Channel
NellyPlayz GP/VB @nellyplayz Nellyplayz’s Channel
Acantophis3rd LP @acantophis3rd Let’s Play with A3D

The table is constantly changing. Please have in mind that not everyone fits into the table. I attempt to include as much gamefreaks as possible. Don’t be mad if I refuse your reply. The only requirement is that you own a youtube channel, a frequently updated blog or a twitter account that shares frequent entries about gaming related stuff. Wanna be a part of it? Just send me a reply on Twitter @acantophis3rd or leave a comment if you want me to change your entry. Until then, Let’s Play!

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