All about System Shock

System Shock

“Welcome to my ././DEATH././ machine,./ insect” – by S.H.O.D.A.N

With its graphics engine that includes leaning, climbing, duck and jump, 2 years before ID-softwares Doom engine was released, is it the first real 3d engine for a computer game. Todays story based FPS games are influenced by its magnificent story telling through audio logs, communication and quest content.



World Exclusive: System Shock Speedrun

A3Ds System Shock Let’s Play

Level 1 Text Walkthrough


System Shock 2

“Why do we fear the loss of our individuality so much? Man can dream, but the Many can accomplish.” – by William B. Diego

Very high rated game from 1999 in many magazines, but without much commercial success  because of the Half-Life release in the same year.  It combines First Person Shooter, Character Skill Elements, RolePlay Gaming and Survival Horror to a genre mix, which were never beaten by any other game except for DeusEx. System Shock 2 is placed in almost every “Best game of all Time” rankings found in the world.


A3D’s System Shock (2) Let’s Play

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