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This is a site-map including all DLC that can be found on articles and sites of this blog.
All files are hosted at

FAQs / Text Walkthroughs

God of War Collection Trophy FAQ
my ps3 trophy faq for the god of war collection

Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection Trophy FAQ
my ps3 trophy faq for sonics ultimate genesis collection
a.k.a. sega mega drive ultimate collection

Resident Evil 2 PC-Version FAQ
bugfixes, install guide, content list

Game Modifications (Full Games)

nyerguds dos_cnc (Full Command & Conquer MS-DOS version)
my modification of nyerguds command and conquer ms-dos release

Game Patches

Resident Evil (PC) Patch
patch 1.1 for resident evil (all releases)

Resident Evil 2 (PC) Patch 1.4
resident evil 2 pc version patch 1.4 (all releases)

Game Music

raw system shock 1 midi files as mp3
chicajo´s system shock 1 midi remixes

Doom3 / Quake 4 Maps (more info)

Beta_helljumps (requires doom3 with latest patch)
my very first community map for doom3

Roe-Labs – Resident Evil Lab (requires doom3 + add-on with latest patch)
my remake of the laboratory including original bgm and sfx from resident evil itself


Win7ColorFix (more info)
fix for Win9x/XP fullscreen games with weird colors under win7

Dark Reign 1.7 Color Fix
Win7ColorFix for Dark Reign v1.7

Resident Evil (PC) Win9x Theme
windows 9x theme included on the resident evil pc-cd rom

4 Responses to All Downloads

  1. Dennis says:

    Hey there I need the video: C&C Tiberian Sun: GDI – 18 – Final Conflict 4/5 .
    On youtube I am not able to find it. maybe you delete it? :s
    Please Reupp this video!
    thanks in advance :)

    • Sorry, i had to remove the video because of copyright issues with INGroove and the music. Even though the game is free, INGroove claims the music. Sorry.

  2. Martin says:

    i buy Lands of Lore 3 on gog and have the Music bug. i watch your Lets Play and see you fix it. How you fix it, do you have a patch? greetings

    • I mute the game audio and put the music tracks over it trough MP during editing the video for the lets play. So you don’t hear the real game audio. its really broken and cannot be fixed.

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