Command & Conquer

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Command and Conquer, released 1996, is titled as the first Real Time Strategy game. The player commands various units, from soldiers up to tanks and other war machines, against his opponent. He could choose between two sides in the conflict: the Global Defensive Initiative (GDI), a so called world police and the Brotherhood of NOD (NOD), a terrorists organisation. A battle rages between them for the control of Tiberium, an alien material which makes the one who controls it very rich.

The Tiberian Universe and its spin-off Red Alert, became one of the biggest franchises in the 90s and later and find their end in the newest episodes: Red Alert 3 in 2009 and Tiberium Twilight in 2010. Many fans of the first hour are frustrated about Electronic Arts way to change the important key elements of the game for what the fans loved the franchise for.

Nyerguds CnC Three-language pack Modification
(Full DOS Version)

Command and Conquer Video Walkthrough

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