Selfmade Doom3 Maps

Cool picture above, eh? Its a great shot from one single room that I made with the Doom3 radiant in 2003. Any idea what it could be? Whatever it is, it looks pretty cool dont you think? Designing maps for Doom3 and later Quake4 was a little hobby of mine. I tried to express myself, like I always do in my life.

The first map I released was for Doom3. I tried to create a simple level featuring Doom2 gameplay style and trying to experiment with the possibilities of the radiant map editor. Called the map “beta_helljumps”, named after its content. Arranged rooms with a challenge connected through teleports that only spawn after you succeeded in the challenge. The map can still be played and downloaded if you want to experience my apprentice work. Down below are some screens as well as the download link.

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Helljumps is a pretty cool map though. I was ready for something bigger. My next map should been larger, longer and greater than everything before! What a stupid plan for an apprentice in mapdesign, eh? I listened to Megadeths Hangar 18 much and thought this would be a cool name for my map too. I started working, created a nice beginning with monster spawns, vacuum outdoor areas and a gigantic hangar area inclusive maintenance rooms all around it. My goal was to create a free roaming areal in which the player had to explore, to discover its secrets and to escape in the end. But how life is, Quake 4 was released and I enjoyed playing it and to start smithing new plans for an epic linear 3 map long side mission of the main game. Below you can view some pictures taken from my Hangar 18 map.

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The time with the Doom 3 radiant was just plain experimenting and practice with the mechanics. The Quake 4 radiant featured even more cool functions, like implementing spots for monsters to take cover. I created amazing shootouts for my Quake 4 campaign and even complex object movements. Like a cargo-crane that needed to be operated, or else the player could not find an important access card. A bunch of crates blocked the hatch into a small maintenance shaft. It was a large arrangement of tiny and long corridors, full of surprises like a multiple hatch puzzle. It also included different areas how a power station, waste facillity and cargo bay. All in one single map! I got private business to do someday and the maps plus the great ideas got lost, but I saved some impressing screen shots.

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Last, but not least. Here is it! One of the bigger maps which I created. Fully operational with Doom3 and the add-on pack RoE. I think the video speaks for myself. Its an 1:1 rebuild of Resident Evil´s Secret Laboratory blow the Mansion. I will update that video later because its not very good. Here is the download link. Make sure to have Doom3 installed with RoE and latest patch. Instructions are inside the package.

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