Strike Suit Infinity Review

Strike Suit Infinity is an arcade style space shooter in which the player undertakes a series of missions to increase his score and battling with others on rankings on the games very own leaderboards. Unlike the Heroes of the Fleet DLC for the original Strike Suit Zero from 2013, the player now has the chance to earn credits and to build up a fleet of his own that will support him over the course of the game.

There is a total of 18 missions (rounds). You begin on the first round & move straight on to the next. Between rounds you will be able to build up your fleet, unlock Strike Suit Upgrades by solving bonus objectives & selecting the Loadout of Missiles for use. If your Suit gets destroyed during a round you lose the game and your accumulated score gets uploaded to the leaderboards.

The game saves your progress if you quit or the game crashes in the middle of a round. The downside to this is that it will deactivate your reached scored from being uploaded to the leaderboard. If you want to have your score uploaded, you either have to die during a mission or play through all 18 rounds in one sitting.

On the contrary, you can quit your game in the middle of a round, which automatically saves earned credits, ship upgrades, fleet setup. This allows you to continue next time exactly where you left of and play at your leisure, getting familiar with the game or to try out different setups.

Playing through all the rounds in one sitting is a difficult task that requires knowledge about each rounds adversary, perfect planning of your Fleet beforehand as well as a large amount of experience with the games controls & sometimes chaotic, rough but fun space combat.

If you love to compete against others, entertaining space combat simulations & a great challenge then go ahead and give Strike Suit Infinity or the original Strike Suit Directors Cut a try. Then let’s be honest there, there aren’t many good 6DOF games out there at the moment and Strike Suit belongs to the absolute best to play right now.

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