Final Earth 2140 bits and rectification


I frequently wrote articles regarding the real-time strategy game Earth 2040 in the last years. Most of them including harsh critic against the publishers of the currently available WindowsXP release of the game. Now through a silly coexistence I heard there is one retailer that actually delivers the original not crippled A.I. the game had to offer. I’ll take this opportunity to inform you again, dear reader, of the games existence and to apologize what I wrote earlier in one of the articles. Here’s the full story:

As stated in my article Last bits to Earth 2140 (January, 15 2011) :

I purchased Zuzzex’s Earth 2140 XP release for 1,99 EUR one year before and was greatly disappointed about my own stupid act (because I was warned before by posts from the Zuzzex Forum)  to have payed for a half product without the once by many fans around europe loved difficulty. But I payed such a low price and never complained. Instead, I wanted to purchase the GoldOldGames version, until I read that this release is the same as the one from Zuzzex. If I were responsible for the content on GOG, then I would take this Earth 2140 Trilogy package out of the catalog. Just saying.

Meanwhile, and I seriously don’t know when it exactly happened, does offer the DOS-version with so called enhanced A.I. as BonusContent when purchasing the game on their site. They didn’t at the time I reviewed the game. I also checked Zuxxez that calls itself TopWare Interactive again, if they have a similar offer and found nothing. This makes it as far as I know  the only release of Earth 2140 that actually includes the MS-DOS version with the not-enhanced BUT original A.I. the fans loved. Absolutely worth a buy for 90s PC game enthusiasts and RTS-players that enjoy and value a difficult challenge!

Get it here:

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