Gaming Activities November 2011

Gaming Activities? Where did I left off last time? Ah, yeah. Welcome to my monthly gaming activity summary. I’m Joey and I gonna tell you what great video games I’ve played last month.

Let’s talk about the Tomb Raider HD collection first.

Some trophs were challenging, while other weren’t. I still have to go for some specific trophs, but I have all the time I wish to take to unlock these. Tomb Raider Anniversary belongs to the best TR games that got developed by Crystal Dynamics and SquareEnix. It maybe even is the best Tomb Raider game too. The levels are great expressions from the retro looking ones of the very first Tomb Raider from ’95. It’s amazing how much details you encounter while you play it. The original levels got remade pretty well. Everything is there: The legendary T-Rex and Raptor fight, the amazing puzzle rooms in the greek levels, the outstanding and atmospheric egyptian dungeons and of course the mysterious Atlantis levels. TR: Legend and TR: Underworld are OK, but the first one is too short, the second one is too glitchy if you take a close eye on Lara’s animations. Never played a TR game before? Ever played Uncharted? Then I suggest you to give the TR HD collection a go!

Let’s talk about the game purchase: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.

The savegames of my UK Resident Evil 5 work well with the EU Gold Edition and so I didn’t needed to play through the entire game again.

The Versus Mode just kicks arse if you make it to join a game. But to finish a Versus game seems pretty complicated. Simply because most hosts end the game session if they’re about to lose it, which throws you out of the session and kills your score and chance to win. This especially sucks if you made the needed score for your trophy, but then get kicked out before the game ends. Stupid Bastards on the other end of the line. But I am still playing until that trophies drop!

The main reason for me to get the Gold Edition still was the fact that I could play the Two DLC’s. Lost in Nightmares is just amazing once you unlocked the original Resident Evil Camera Mode that allows you to move your character like in the original RE from ’95 through different preset camera angels. It felt so freaking retro that I couldn’t resist to play through it multiple times at once.

Let’s talk about The Elder Scrolls.

Like I said, I don’t have Skyrim. But I have Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion. I played much Morrowind this month, but I got as always lost in side-quests and exploring the game world instead of taking on the main quests. What can I say? Every The Elder Scrolls game is a masterpiece of western RPGs. You either like it or not. For my part? I like it!

Let’s come to an end. What to expect in my gaming activity summary for the month december? I guess that I write up my expressions of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and maybe some impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Until then…

Let’s Play!

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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