latest gaming activities ;october 2011

“More and more I find myself being warped back to a time in which I came home from school and played video games.”

Another month of gaming and passed new game releases is over and all I did was to play some old games for myself. The most anticipated release for october is definitely Batman: Arkham City. I remember the release of its predecessor Arkham Asylum and the hype given to it by gamers I know all around youtube, gameanyone or twitter. People just loved the game and praised it to heaven, while I just played the demo on my PS3 and left it with many question marks over my head. The little tiny demo didn’t showed me the greatness of Arkham Asylum and I still wondered why so many people couldn’t stop playing it. As you know, I’m always broke and purchasing new games is one of my secondary priorities. I didn’t play Arkham Asylum until last month, when the release of Arkham City made me get the first Batman game in GOTY-Edition for 20 EUR. Guess what? I played through it during one single weekend and finished it, together with all Riddler Challenges solved in less than 20 hours. It was an immersive experience! A hyped and amazing experience that made me understand why it deserved all the hyped reviews of gamers like me.

But Batman: Arkham Asylum is the only old new game release I played. With my new job and the Thief Let’s Play being done and ready to upload in my back, I focused on playing games that collected dust in my gamer shelf. More and more I find myself being warped back to a time in which I came home from school and played videos games for myself. Without being connected to the online world, to social gamer networks or without headset and online play. I mentioned that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings got to be my game of the month. I played it everyday after I came back from work for several hours since I left it untouched three months ago, ended by a rage quit. It was worth my time, since it’s one of the less good role-playing games out there below the highly overrated Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

The Witcher 2 is simplified and more mass appealing like its predecessor. Once you get your hands on the controls, you realize they were developed to fit perfectly on a console, without being simplified to the extreme. It still features a deep and perfect combat system, one fantastic mature plotline, mixed up with the game worlds politics, sex and strong language. Especially characters like mercenary Vernon Rouche or the traitorous sorceress Phillipa Eilhart stand out from the other crowd around the Witcher Gerald from Rivia. A big plus is the matter of choise during the game. The player can decide if he wishes to help Vernon Rouche or the Elven Rebellion Leader Ioweth and finds himself again in two completely different plotlines, completely different areas, different quests and different outcome of the game.

Some people would say that playing the prequel to a sequel is just stupid, but not to me. As I finished both of The Witcher 2’s plotlines, I decided to finally finish the first game of the series. That even allowed me to compare both games better. I’m still not through with part 1, but all I can tell is that both games are a must play for every role-playing game fan out there without excuse.

The promissed reviews for Dead Space 2 and The Witcher 2 are cancelled, because I think that posting a summary of my gaming activities is enough to share thoughts of my gaming life. And with that line in mind, let me tease you with some short info about my next month’s gaming activity summary: My new job allows me to buy at least one game or game collection per month, simply because of more money that I have at my disposal. During a little visit in the multimedia corner of the nearby s-mart, I dug out a sweet HD collection for the latest three Tomb Raider games developed by SquareEnix CrystalDynamics. And guess what? I gonna play through all three over the month november and declare them to be my game(s) of the just started month of november 2011. Read my thoughts next month. Until then…

Let’s Play!

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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