Day 21 – Game with the best story

Not much talk this time. A game with the best story to me? Answer: Final Fantasy X. Why? Don’t expect any spoilers, though.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games, X got a world that wasn’t split by war and sins. The sins of the citizens of Spira got erased long ago by that one “SiN” – a gigantic monster that punished those who used machines and weapons against other people. No factions had battles against each other, no racism, no war for power. Only the fear to get erased by SiN threw them into a hole of endless self pity. But there was hope, by praying and to be religious. Spira was the best example of an utopian world ruled by “religion”. Religion prayed by an institution, which rules need to be followed or else doom ends heretics lifes. But that religion gave the people something to believe in, something to give them hope and sadly something that used their weak minds to fill the bags of those who have set the rules.

In the middle of the world are holy priests, called mediums. These mediums, one priest from each village, get send on a journey together with choosen guards, their followship. The medium needs to visit each villages temple to receive the grace of uber creatures. With all creatures collected, the medium is ready to defeat “SiN” at the cost of its own life. The medium the player follows in FFX is a young girl named Yuna, with her best friends as followship, plus another guy that got sucked into the world of Spira. Tidus, survivor of an attack by SiN, joins at the wish of Yuna the followship.

During the game, the player learns about the world of Spira through the eyes of Tidus that doesn’t knows anything about the rules of that world. Sure, the journey becomes dangerous later in the game, but the way how the player and Tidus experience the world of Spira is told very nicely. Another advantage of FFX is the way how characters get drawn and how their personalities grow during the game.

I don’t think that I ever had so much fun in a video game after year 2000, to learn about the characters secrets and personalities as much as I did in FFX. The more I was sunk into the story, the more I generated a personal connection to the characters, the more I got shocked by the dramatic showdown. Since I don’t wanna spoil and if you’re not know FFX, then just grab a copy and see if you have the same opinion about my choise as game with the best story.

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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