Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times

The game I’ve played more than five time through to the end is Resident Evil 2. I played Part 1 around 30 times, while I only finished Code Veronica and Nemesis only once. With Resident Evil 2, I get a total amount of 50 or more times (can’t remember actually). But I didn’t just played it alone. This leads me to an sad story…

My best friend also tend to unlock every scenario. Half of the total amount of playthroughs belong to him. I helped him out to get even better results by pulling out the Playstation controller during cutscenes, which sets the game into Pause-Mode while the cutscene got played. Afterward I plugged it right in again and he continued playing. He even did the same for me. It was an obsessed time together. As we finally reached Hunks and Tofus Scenario, we both relaxed and tried to figure out how to use the items in each room of Hunk’s run.

With the release of Resident Evil 4 for Playstation 2, my best friends spirit returned. He was the only one of us that tried to finish the game under 3 hours. One day, he came to visit and plugged in his PS2 and the game, loading his savegame short before the end of the scenario. I then watched him making it through with the games timer stopped at 2 hours 58 minutes and some seconds of total playtime! Excellent!

Short after this accomplishment, in 2007, he died during a car incident. We always talked and promised each other, if a new Resident Evil game with co-op gameplay would be released, we would play it together, like Resident Evil 2 in the old days. It hit me hard, as another friend called me and told me about my best friends death. One year later, I heard that Resident Evil 5 will be a Co-Op game. Damn! I started to cry as I remembered this promise.

Farewell, my friend!

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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