Day 8 – Best soundtrack

Just listen by yourself! I picked just some of my most favorite tracks and even one Medley of an entire game’s music. I even own a 300 games large music archive, and it’s hard to choose the very best. So I took some game soundtracks I’ve listen to right now the most.

Atmospheric Lab

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
Just do it!

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Theme of Snake & Zanzibar Breeze

System Shock 2
The Coolant Tubes

Sweet Home

About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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2 Responses to Day 8 – Best soundtrack

  1. MrSanta78 says:

    Nice selection. I would add Quake 1 and Quake 2 :)

  2. Daniel says:

    Turrican 2, The Last Ninja 1+2 both Stage 1 ^^

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