Day 3 – A game that is underrated

This is one of the topics, which I wrote very late. I had to think much about a title that I liked very much, but that got mostly ignored by critics and gamers all together. With Wolfenstein3D, another one of my very first video games of all time, I had a great and mind terrorizing experience. Wolf3D really pushed me to the limit. Dogs made me scream, the tension between each room made me shiver. But there’s another game based on Wolf3D engine that really overwhelmed me. Together with Rise of the Triad (a very successful game using Wolf3D engine and Duke Nukem 3D’s predecessor), this underrated game I am talking about featured lots of tension, more horror and atmosphere as Wolf3D ever gave to me.

Capstone Softwares Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, released in March 1994. Like I mentioned, it used the by it’s time very outdated Wolfenstein3D engine. ID software recently released Doom.

Unlike Wolf3D, Corridor 7 featured buttons, fog, transparent textures, more than 4 weapons and of course horror. Horror in terms of dark corridors and ugly monster aliens with horrifying sound. The goal to end each level also was different. Instead of simply finding keys and to leave the level through the exit, you had to kill all monsters and to leave the level through the elevator from which you entered it. The title of the game perfectly describes the level design. The corridors of the space station, which you need to clean up are small, dirty and full of secret walls and passages.

While I got lost inside the levels of Wolf3D simply by searching for the exit, I also got lost in Corridor 7. The fact to search for the last remaining monster, forced me to investigate every passage of a level over and over again until I found it. Sometimes it happened that I then forgot where I entered the level, which concluded into more motion-sickness creation exploration.

I had to suffer during the game by motion sickness and sometimes always the same looking walls. But the horror and darkness of a space station infested by aliens comparable with films like Alien, created a perfectly atmosphere that pushed me to complete the entire game.

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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2 Responses to Day 3 – A game that is underrated

  1. Rpw3 says:

    I found that C7 scared me SO much more than doom.
    Although the gameplay is a little repetitive, I could never get over the constant darkness, and most of all that FACE which appeared sometimes.
    Eventually I couldnt go on any more, it was so scary

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