Day 2 – My favorite character

This is truly a hard entry of the challenge! My fav character? I had so many over the years and to define one single man, woman or creature that is the topmost is very hard for me. But I made my decision. In your face! It even surprised myself! I am not good in explaining why I favorite characters and so let me tell you the story. Let me introduce you to the greatest betrayer of all gaming history.

I am a big fan of the Warcraft Lore, despite the fact that I never played World of Warcraft. For me, the story of Warcraft ends with the Expansion Pack The Frozen Throne for Warcraft 3. I don’t want to play my own character in the World of Warcraft, just to know how the story continues. I liked the idea of being a silent watcher and executer that had to experience what the characters did during cutscenes after my duty to accomplish quest objectives. It is like watching a good movie with deep plot, unless that as a movie watcher, you are not forced to fulfill tasks you would refuse to do by yourself.

Exactly this happened in the first act of Warcraft 3 in which you took control over Arthas Menethil, the prince of the human kingdom Lordaeron. During the campaign, he became more and more insane and betrayed his people, his king and – at the end of Frozen Throne – even the world. At first you would like to puke because of his brave hearth, the holy smile and how he takes everything with ease. A perfect good guy. Maybe even better than Jesus! But then the Undead Scourge came. First as an unknown plaque, but then as an almighty thread to Lordaeron. Arthas and his mentor Uther the Lightbringer sweard to the King, to protect the people of the kingdom and to do anything necessary to stop the Scourge.

As the citizens of the village Stratholme got infested by the plaque, the Lich Mal’Ganis entered the village to recruit the recent dead bodies of villagers as zombies for the army of the undead. Arthas ordered Uther and the Knights to burn down the entire village but Uther denied and left with several of his men. Arthas – under control of your mouse buttons – then butchered, together with some loyal troops, every villager before Mal’Ganis could reach them. At the end Mal’Ganis slipped away and Arthas sweard to follow him wherever the Lich goes and he would never stop until the Lich and the Undead are destroyed. As the player, you feel guilty for what you have done and you realize that something fall appart from Arthas after the annihilation of Stratholme. The golden smile left Arthas face, together with his sanity. I remember myself starring at the “Continue” button for a long time and trying to understand what happened there.

The prince reached Northrend, joined forces with the Dwarf Muradin Bronzebeard and began to search for a myth: the runesword called Frostmourne. This scenery grows the hope inside the player that everything will be fine by killing the Lich with that powerful sword. As they reached the sword, Arthas ignored Bronzebeards warning of the sword being cursed and removed it from its place. The dwarf died, smashed by falling icepicks. Arthas was overwhelmed by the power the sword gave to him, but then Frostmourne started to speak to the prince. It ordered him to kill Mal’Ganis and so Arthas did. But it was not the sword that helped Arthas to kill the Lich, neither Arthas strong will. It was the Lich King himself, like Mal’Ganis admitted. And so the Lich Kings plan succeeded and Arthas fled into the frozen north, losing the rest of his sanity.

Some months later: The new hero returns to Lordaeron and unites again with the kingdom he saved.

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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