Last bits to Earth 2140

Not many people around the world know Earth 2140. If you ask  gamers from Poland or Germany, that experienced the 90s, “Do you remember Earth 2140?”, the answer almost will be “Yes, I do. It was a hell of a realistic war game!”. Ask someone younger or not in europe born gamer, then the answer will always be “Earth 2, What?”. The embarrassing Windows XP re-releases of Zuzzex in 2006 took its part to let people say only bad things about the game which was once titled as the hardest and most challenging and realistic real-time strategy game ever made. The crippled artificial intelligence from the XP release that lets the computer enemy sit back and do nothing is criticized by longtime fans for more than 4 years now, without any  statement or fix released from Zuzzex or the third party company which modified the game for XP itself.

I still got a copy of the original in 1997 released MS-DOS version and also got the two Expansion Packs from 1998, even if I never managed to complete the main game due its high difficulty. But sadly the two Expansion Packs I once owned are disappeared.

I purchased Zuzzex’s Earth 2140 XP release for 1,99 EUR one year before and was greatly disappointed about my own stupid act (because I was warned before by posts from the Zuzzex Forum)  to have payed for a half product without the once by many fans around europe loved difficulty. But I payed such a low price and never complained. Instead, I wanted to purchase the GoldOldGames version, until I read that this release is the same as the one from Zuzzex. If I were responsible for the content on GOG, then I would take this Earth 2140 Trilogy package out of the catalog. Just saying.

Well, I lost my original copies of the two expansion packs from 1997-1998, purchased a worse re-released version from Zuzzex but didn’t made the same mistake again and denied purchasing the GOG offer of Earth 2140. My last action was to purchase the original MS-DOS discs from a private seller on E-bay. Today the package arrived!

I opened the package already as you can see on the photos above. All three discs were inside. Since the discs were used I checked the back of each disc and didn’t found any heavy damage. The main reason for me to buy the original discs was the CD-Audio Soundtrack. I plugged in my old CD-Player and inserted the discs. The most interest I got into the Audio on the two Expansion Packs. I listened to both discs and enjoyed the amazing not on the original Soundtrack included compositions of Joachim Schaefer.

My next need was to create virtual copies of the discs. I installed SlySofts Clone CD and burned the entire discs into images with additional .ccd – The file that holds the discs information. Now its possible for me to mount the images through the .ccd in my virtual CD-ROM drive and to listen to the soundtrack while playing. I also created super high quality copies of the CD-Audio for my own personal enjoyment.

I am very happy now. I replaced the lost original discs through two from a private E-bay seller, secured the discs for eternity as virtual copies and can now listen to the amazing game soundtrack whenever I want. The Earth 2140 MS-DOS discs are a rarity – to me at least – and playing the game in the near future in its original state makes me smile, even now.

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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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10 Responses to Last bits to Earth 2140

  1. ADudeFromPoland says:

    Hello acanthophis3rd :-) I saw a part of your lets play on youtube and I must say im impressed (who would tought some people CAN best that nasty AI). I own a MS-DOS disc my own (thank god for CDAction, the awesome magazine that we have here) :-) its a package of the original and both Mission Packs. But I have only the soundtrack from the second mission pack I think :-( so I wondered if you would like to share the soundtrack of other two versions with me? The music is so great in this title, makes me remember childhood :D

  2. Edward says:

    Hey, acanthophis3rd! Nice to see you have the original DOS version of the game and expansions.I considered the Earth 2140’s soundtrack to be just awful UNTIL I listened to the soundtrack of the expansions, they are much, much better!

    I just have to ask, would it be possible for you to upload the two Mission Packs somewhere? I’ve been looking all over the net for them and they are impossible to find! The only version avaliable is the XP version with the crappy AI which kills the game.

  3. hi,

    im asking impossible maybe, but i have to.

    if its possible can u create iso copies and upload to a website for me ?

    im not asking for free ofcourse.

    just give me an answer.

    Thank you.

    • You ask of me to do a pirate action? No sir, I’m not gonna do that criminal stuff. Pay on it on ebay and get yourself an original copy of the games, shouldn’t be too expensive.

      • no :( i already lost my original copy. even my own language translated copy.

        im not asking do an illegal action. i have already paid the price of the game one time.
        this time i just wanted get copy of the game. im outside of the usa and not familiar with the oline shopiing at all.

        but anyway thx for reply.

        take care.

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  5. iL2 says:

    Screw this. I have an original copy of this game. I couldn’t find my expasion packs, but rest assured I will upload them as soon as I find them. I’m doing this because: The asking price for this game on site like eBay is way off a fair one. Gamers shouldn’t be ripped like this. Secondly, my upload is the OLD 1997 DOS version, dating 17 years back. There is indeed a new, remastered HD version (that includes the two expansions) that you can actually (and should) buy and is compatible with Win7 and Win8.

    • Do as you please. But I don’t support piracy, so don’t come up with the idea to post links on my blog, my videos, or anywhere else I operate. Dunno in which country you live, but I see the games for max. $10 or EUR on ebay, which is IMO a very fair price. Hear about this “Earth 2140 HD” for the first time. I see a release by Skidrowgames from 2013. Sounds interesting (also looks like new “Topware/Zuzzex” aren’t involved) Might be a faithful release. I see what else there is to find out. Thanks for keeping me up to date, and game on!

      • Not much to find there on Steam. Most people say its the same unfaithful XP release only with more resolutions to choose and the same broken AI that doesn’t know how to build units. Did you play the so called “HD” release? Can you confirm!? I stick with GOGs version. At least the AI and Generals works there. Don’t wanna waste another 5 EUR for the same disgraceful XP version with minor upgrades.

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