Review: Resident Evil (PC version)

Resident Evil (Biohazard in japan) is an action adventure, horror game developed by Capcom and published by Virgin Interactive. Originally released for Sony Playstation in 1996 and later, 1997 ported to Sega Saturn and PC. Virgin Interactive trusted the PC portation into the hands of Westwood Studios, but Westwood got not credited for their work later.

GamePlay & History

Resident Evil was the initiator for many games that followed it’s kind, but shared many similiar gameplay elements with Infograms Alone in the Dark from 1992. The player moves one of two possible characters with different scenarios through a horrorfying mansion with pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera-angels. He had to uncover various documents with informations about what happend there and to find and use different items to solve various puzzles or to unlock new passages leading into new areas.

PC Version Features

The PC port is based on the very first release for Sony Playstation, but features true graphics acceleration resulting into sharper edges and higher detail on characters. It also includes the uncut intro with live actors, while all other releases got a heavily cut version instead, in which pictures of mangled corpses, a dog mutilating a man and the main character smoking a cigarette got removed. The difficulty for the female playable character Jill Valentine got reduced as well. She doesn‘t need to use ink-ribbons anymore to save her progress on typewriters. Plus, two new exclusive weapons got added as well as new additional costumes for both characters.

Below I added some videos, two of them showcase the PC Special Weapons. Footage of these in action was recorded by myself.

Gameplay from the Trial Edition

Chris’s Special Weapon – PC only

Jill’s Special Weapon – PC only

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