I left because of my free will

I left gameanyone because of my free will. I still have the notice that I wrote to skorch82 saved as a text file. Who to hell told you this strange rumor? I really would like to know. Maybe I release my pm on my blog to stop this rumors.

And below it is to crush this rumor about me got fired. Its my text that I wrote skorch82 per PM. Like I said I wanted to leave in good without someone being mad, but as I said Goodbye in the Private Board, then I got flamed by some directors for not working hard enough and being not loyal. Many of the directors there are good guys that really deserve the status, while others think they are something better. As I have shut down my computer and checked back later after 5 hours, then I was removed from the director list without any further notice.

My pm to skorch82:

I want to leave directorship. Here are my reasons:

I have not a single contact to anyone on the team. I am no extrovert person but thats what you are looking for. Otherwise, I would be noticed more I guess.

Tbh, everyone around me is more useful to the site than I am. I have no gigantic fanbase on youtube and no fanbase here. I get 200 views for every video on YT and 80-100 here. I dont use any of the sites features, which makes me a geek. I feel restricted in my freedom to share gaming experience if I would use site only upload.

I noticed that anyone who adds videos to the site has the same chance to be promoted. It seems like you dont need to be a director for it. Directorship is only useful if you are dedicated to support the sites cause, not your own. As I joined, it was because I wanted to share my videos on a place with others that do the same, having chats with them and all of our viewers. Its no longer possible to do so since a good chat is missing. The IRC box is a joke. I dont like voice chats. I am not talkative, unless it is for commentary.

Everyone of the guys that is now a staff member was always friendly to be, even you, but no more. It was a great time as I joined, but now its only horrible for me login and to see nobody cares about me. If I add something, then it gets most of the time ignored.

I start training in school in some months, so I can finally find a lifetime job.

I will still support the site as a normal member by adding complete guides to the site, some of them got the WM on it. GA is truly the no.1 community for video walkthroughs. It would be mad not to add guides here. ;)

I wish you and the others great success over the next years. Hopefully, you are fine with that reasons. Thank you for the time, even if it was a short pleasure.


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My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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