statement about leaving gameanyone

Some people may know already that I have left I thought at first it would be okay to just leave things how they were and not giving away any statement about the reasons.  I was wrong and really need to vent my mind. Before you ask yourself what gamanyone is and what I have done there, then let me explain. It is a site for people to view and contribute Lets plays and video walkthroughs. The site offers people to submit into a team of directors and to get featured their guides. I was one of this directors over there.

During 2008, I got invited by the sites admin to contribute my guides there. Offered promotion for all of my guides once they are added and a friendly and healthy community of other Lets players and their audience. At this time the community was just small. I felt this is going to be big and enjoyed contributing my work and hang out with the other directors. Inside the next year, everything was fine and the people are really open minded and always good to everyone. This changed dramatically with every month in which the site became bigger and bigger.

They needed one entire year to realize that their forum is full of insulting and even the responsibility instances of the staff was spreading bad blood among the community. They just were bad idols, insulting people they got personal problems with. This should not belong into a nice friendly and healthy community. Moderators and Admins should be respected persons instead of feared monsters.

But they got warned by one ex moderator already a half year ago to stop threading others the bad way. He was of course fired for the expression of his opinion and later brand marked as the bad guy that just spreads bullshit to damage the image of the site. In the private board for directors, the staff started a big discussion about loyalty afterwards. The few people that told the staff about the misbehavior of the insult among everyone of the team and outside of the team got warned. They got forced to shut their mouths and to choose if they are with the got stuck ideals of the staff or against these ideals. At this point, I should have left the site already but I just thought about my own good and using the benefit to get my guides featured and to see my videos promoted on the main page. It was also the time in which I stopped having contact with any of the directors.

Contributions were just embedded from youtube and later the directors got the ability to upload videos to the site itself. I took this chance, because I already contributed guides on youtube ghost accounts. I added an unique guide of a game that nobody already contributed, but it got ignored. I decided to request it to be removed, so I could share it on youtube too. I was clear to continue contributing my work by uploading it to youtube only and to add it to the site later. I want to share my gaming experience with as much people as possible. If it does not getting featured, why should I leave it there to rot? I felt restricted in my personal freedom and I showed flag, telling everyone I requested my guide to be removed.

Since then I got a bad standing inside the team. As a Lets player that wants to have fun to share stuff he created with hard work, I want to be respected for my free opinion and not insulted for being no team player. In the last month before I requested to be removed from directorship, I was thinking about the pro and contra and came to the only possible conclusion. At the day I wanted to leave, I said goodbye in good but then again I got insulted for not being loyal and that I am just enviously not to be a staff member that always gets preferred over normal members and ordinary directors. I should write a pm to the chief director with the lines “blabla, I am not leaving anymore.” To read such infant reaction really made it easy for me to leave once and for all.

I am proud of myself and got my self-respect back again. Looking forward to many more months or years on youtube, while sharing my gaming experience with everyone that really cares. It does not matter what they will say about me if they read this lines. Its up to everyone to believe what they think is right. There will be no image damage to any of us. Not to my image, nor to the one of gameanyone. This is the liberty of free speech folks!

About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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14 Responses to statement about leaving gameanyone

  1. VergilDante100 says:

    Most of this shit is the truth too, since i was present when you first arrived and i was the only moderator besides another german whom is no longer present in the walkthrough community, for the most part anyways, however let’s break it down.

    Yes i was the one whom he mentioned in the article about being fired because i had warned them to stop this or i was gonna organize a coup to shut the site down in it’s entirety i admit to that and i atone for it, however the actions of the staff are not showing even today they want to have a site, it is a bunch of random people gathered together to make walkthroughs and i don’t really consider it the no 1 source for walkthroughs personally, however this is only my opinion, free speech needs to be spoken not shushed that is all.

    • Boomer says:

      “it is a bunch of random people gathered together to make walkthroughs and i don’t really consider it the no 1 source for walkthroughs personally”

      I had suspicions when I saw the SC2 walkthrough. I’m not an expert by any means but a n00b shouldn’t be cringing at a walkthrough.

      However in any format like video walkthroughs or other videos which require work to be put in some will put a lot of effort in to produce something good and others will just “be first” or “do enough”. How people react to that is up to the individual.

  2. Gameanyone User says:

    note by the site admin:
    I removed this comment. I speak for everyone if I say that immature comments that thread someone else’s life are a crime and throw a bad light on people that aren’t responsible for such a comment. I never thought in any way that someone of the gameanyone team wrote it and apologize this user. He now is ordered to take his time and to think about how stupid his reaction was.

    • thiz says:

      Why do you use a fake nick? Is the staff now using fake nicks to destory other peoples opinions? You guys have a great chance in becoming a very good dictator. But to bad a very good dictator isnt a good person :/

      • Its really sad that the user that insulted me here is not men enough to tell us who he is. And what about that traitorous? I just left gameanyone and did not joined any comparable opponent site.

    • Boomer says:

      lol pretty pathetic to anonymously threaten a guy’s blog who’s done nothing more than contribute in the past.

      gl acantophis

  3. Dark Dude says:

    Well as long as you’re satisfied with your decision and have no regrets about it then let it be. I’m sure you’re not the only one to do this Acan, but know this I’ll always watch your LPs since I always find them good to watch and help me when I’m having trouble playing a game that you LP.

  4. thiz says:

    I like turtles.

  5. wolfprincess says:

    What you say is so true Acan. I myself have a problem with the staff and directors… and I’m a normal member who has only been on the site for about 6 months or so. The staff sling insults at members all the time, and it’s very clearly seen in the forum.

    And the number one thing I hate about the GA staff (Dave is the ONLY one I do not have any problems with): It’s perfectly OK for them to post anything they please on the forum, even if it is insulting to another member, but if non-staff members do that, they get banned. If we can’t do it, why should they be able to? It sets a bad example.

    • if there would be more people like you that show flag and write comments like this, then maybe they will see what they need to change. I said everything that I had to say. You´re welcome to watch me on yt.

  6. skorch82 says:

    The staff had nothing to do with the comments written on this blog. I will speak for all the directors and site staff when I say that Acan’s choice to leave was his own. He wasn’t forced out, and when issues came up, they were handled. If he didn’t like that, he could have said something. He didn’t. This is what happened.

    While I don’t personally agree with everything that was written here, that’s not what I’m here for.
    There are users out there who support our website and the things we do, and when you post a blog on the internet for EVERYONE to read, you’re bound to get some responses you don’t like. Just because you get one that’s a little negative, doesn’t automatically mean it was our site staff.

    Acan requested to be removed. We honored that. We left it alone. Now, we’re not all over the forum blasting him for what he did, so there’s no reason anyone should be besmirching the reputation of the site the staff because of some anonymous user’s comment.

    We are all adults here, and playing childish games is not how we run things.
    We, as site staff have noticed the very same things on the forums, regarding the behavior of everyone who posts. Including the staff. We have undergone a lot of changes in order to own that and make things stronger as a team. Don’t believe me? Here:

    The writing’s on the wall. Now, I have no bad blood with Acan for what he did, and his decision is his own. We’re leaving it at that.

    Now if you want to continue to bash us, then fine, but we’re not going to pay this any more attention than we have to.

    Good day.

    • thiz says:

      Your ending sentence just sounds like you want think we are here to make fun of GA and get attention because we are poor people and need your attention to live. That my dear Skorch, is NOT the fact. We are here to talk about facts not about beeing stupid trolls so you can come and give us the attention we were bidding for.

      • Let it drop, thiz. I agree with you by saying they think I am no serious thread, but they are right. In one month or so, nobody will ever again think about it. Besides of that, I dont want bad blood either, neither did I wanted to cause serious damage by just expressing my opinion. The site is a big, by fanboys driven platform. What should damage it then, seriously not a blog entry by an ex-contributor that just expressed his thoughts? There are more important things in life than endless complaining about what happened. I wrote what I had to and thats it.
        Just calm down your temper already, bro. Remember it was you that left the site before. But instead of being honest to them and yourself, you just deleted your account, which was the wrong reaction. The difference between you and me is that I am honest to myself and to my reasons.
        Regarding attention. I got a high attention boost by leaving the site and writing this text. I learned about people watching my videos over the last two years that I did not even knew. You dont need the site to exist, neither do you need any other of the ga-like websites that pop up after you put in the term videogame videowalkthroughs in google, from which gameanyone is still the most usefull one.
        If there is something that we can learn from skorchs reply, then it is: not to take everything too serious and proceed!


      • skorch82 says:

        Thiz, I’m referring to this: “Why do you use a fake nick? Is the staff now using fake nicks to destory other peoples opinions? You guys have a great chance in becoming a very good dictator. But to bad a very good dictator isnt a good person :/”

        You were the one flinging accusations around, and blaming us for this whole mess. I merely spoke the truth. We have better things to do that post stupid shit on a blog.

        Seeing as how you just couldn’t wait to unleash your opinions about us here, seeing as how the admins clearly can’t touch you here, that you still have some bad blood towards us. Fine. If that’s the case, then you might want to do yourself a favor and admit that so we can move on.

        If I were you, I’d take Acan’s advice and let it go. It’s not ‘us’ vs ‘you’ here.

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