Let’s Play Doom 3: Used Mods

Well, many people asked me with comments to my Lets Play Doom3 videos, what graphics mod I used or what shooting-sound is applied to my Shotgun?. The guide is done already for more than 6 months and I still get this two questions over and over again. Which makes me very proud, because it shows me that Doom 3 is still one of the most viewed Lets plays of mine. Before I need to answer this question separately all the time, lets answer this questions in the big fashioned way, shall I?

Ultra Extreme High Quality Mega Difficulty!

The graphics mod I used is titled Extreme Quality Mod v1.0 , can be found here:

Its the best graphic enchanting mod for the game out there, because it combines different other mods to one gigantic redesigned experience. You can decide for yourself what you want to include, by just not copying specific files into your DOOM3/base directory. It features two different Bloom Mods (even Three if you install the v1.1 fix), a Difficulty Mod, which makes the game hard as Nightmare, but without the constantly Life Loss and 25 HP limit, by increasing the Damage taken / given by x2. All the Weapons are upgraded, too, but not too much to keep it realistic.

I have a Shotgun, baby!

First I modified the Doom 3 Shotgun myself until I found a mod, which brings back a nostalgic feeling by using this weapon. The Classic DOOM Shotgun Mod v1.0 , can be found here: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Classic_DOOM_Shotgun;29188

The bullet spread ratio is decreased, which makes it easier to kill demons with it from short to middle distance. It still makes it hard to hit targets far away, how it should be. The vanilla shotgun, which was released with the game was still unbalanced, the spread ratio too large and the splitters did not much damage. The mod definitely is the best doom 3 shotgun mod out there and the sound gives you as a player and even shotgun lover the “boom!-factor” that you need!

About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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1 Response to Let’s Play Doom 3: Used Mods

  1. Daniel says:

    du hast die Trent Reznor Soundmod vergessen


    ich schau hier öfters mal rein…gefällt mir sehr gut was du hier machst :) stimm dir auch zu 100% zu was du über Duke Nukem gesagt hast …es is einfach Duke bis auf das 2 Waffenlimit stört mich eigentlich kaum was an dem Game

    liebe grüße vom Daniel Munoz…vll. erinnerst du dich ja noch an mich :P (the_Wretched ausm Lycos :P)

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