World Exclusive: System Shock Speedrun

Its the worlds first and only SR for System Shock! I used the SSP version, which can be found on
This Speedrun is split into different sets, named after the Missions you have to accomplish through the game. I uploadet the videos in lower quality but in full length for each set (01/22/2010).

Here is an overview about the difficulty setup, which I used:

Combat: 1
Mission: 3
Puzzle: 0
Cyberspace: 3

Here is an overview about the 5 sets for this speedrun, including PAR TIMES:
Set1: Laser Mission                Par Time: 16:01
Set2: Virus Mission               Par Time: 29:71
Set3: Antenna Mission         Par Time: 09:00
Set4: Reactor Mission          Par Time: 10:40
Set5: Bridge Mission             Par Time: 19:41
Time: 84:53                             (1 hour, 24 minutes, 53 seconds)


I got some starting problems on level 1, like the panel in den command room (06:20) and the cyborg assassin that can’t be hurt with tranquilizer darts (7:02). I was forced to use the gas-grenade instead, which was supposed to be used after leaving the elevator on level 2 (11:06) – but the berserk-patch worked fine. Security level of 90% was required or else I couldn’t open the force door to alpha or switch cyborg conversion. It’s possible to fire the dart-pistol by pushing “enter” on the keyboard when viewing a observation screen (bug). I could destroy the computer notes from there, but I needed the first random Reactor Destruction Code Digit of that room. I saved some time by getting killed after destroying the notes again (09:24). It was a cat jump from the cyborg conversion chamber to the elevator. The short visit of the healing machine raped some time again. I needed around 9 minutes for level 1!

I switched on the power for the lights of beta quadrant located in alpha quadrant. The SCI-access card from beta quadrant was needed to receive the Isotope-X22. I destroyed the computer notes for the next random digit and left level 2 in under 7 minutes. I was using the anti-damage-shield v.1 for the rest of the run. I mistakenly traveled to level 3 at (18:00). The way through the reactor level was planned ahead, since I was missing a key-card for some doors there. To die in the reactor room was the only way to return to level 2 again in a shorter time. The laser activation room itself was piece of cake.


We get important stuff from the maintenance and storage level. A lantern, the laser rapier, the enviro suite v1 and some plastique explosives for later use in the antenna mission. The next two random digits for the reactor destruction code = 6 and 1.
We get the random reactor destruction digit = 7 from level 5. We hit the jettison lock switch inside the alpha and delta groves on level 6. Pick up the Administrative Access Card from the north-east banquet hall and unlock the door to the beta grove elevator.
We disable the jettison lock inside beta grove and get the last random reactor destruction code = 4 from level 6. We defeat Edward Diego in his domain and have a failure with the master jettison enable switch. We repair the broken relay on the maintenance level 3, return to level 6, hit the master jettison switch to enable the process and release the beta grove from the station. Virus Mission Done. Now SHODAN is downloading itself into earths communications network.


We enter the engineering level 7 and follow the route through the only open doors that dont require any access cards. We use the plastique explosives on the four antennas and lower the level security to 24% or we cant open the blocked door on our route that leads to the last antenna and back to the elevator down to executive level 6. We pick up the Scorpion Machinegun now! All antennas got destroyed. Mission Done. Next we have to blow citadel station into bits and dust.
We head back down to reactor level and put in the 6 random reactor destruction digits = 4,3,6,1,7,4, into the reactor core. We fight our way back to the flight bay level 5. Our escape gets aborted by SHODAN. We continue fighting until we reach the elevator to security level 8 over the executive level 6 and engineering level 7. Mission Done! Next we need to reach the bridge before Citadel Station blows up and the Bridge itself gets separated.


We are on the security level 8. We take the access card, from the first catwalk, the damage shield software v3 from one of the offices and head up to the second catwalk were we pick up the Command Access Card and the Enviroment Suite v.3. We enter the robot charging station, deactivate the charging process and head up to the third catwalk in which we open the force bridge leading to security level 8 core. There we defeat Edward Diego for the last time and using the elevator with the group-access card no 6 from his remains to reach the bridge level 9.
we open the three force doors and pick up the IsoChip to unlock the last force door into S.H.O.D.A.N.s domain. The damage shield v.4 helps us on our way to defeat the Elite Guards before we enter Cyberspace and purge the mad artificial intelligence from the system. Bridge Mission Done! Earth is save again. Game Over!


World Record: 01 hour 28 minutes 01 seconds
Thank you all for watching, rating and commenting.
Who will beat my time? Now its your turn!

SPEEDRUN by acantophis3rd

References: – Hosting Youtube Channel″ – Topic about it on SBF – SSP on SBF – Embedded on GameAnyone

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