Chicajo is back!

Chicajo is back and having new released music posted on his website. You better check that out! I have another surprise for you: His very old, long lost MIDI remixes, which I dug out from “cyberspace”. They are not available on his website. – a portal to original and remixed gaming music!

Sshockmids Repacked

Chicajo is or should be well known by every fan of the System Shock franchise – a cyberpunk based science fiction game series about an artificial intelligence that got mad. Most of the music tracks you will find on his website are made of System Shock originals. I was very exited about the fact he returned to us in 2010, because the websites last update was in 2006. I went out in the depths of cyberspace called world wide web and found something he did not made available for download. My website now features a repacked zip-archive for download, which includes Chicajo´s MIDI remixes for System Shock – the ones he made at the end of the 90s. All of his author notes got rewritten by myself and are as well as a playlist included in my package. All credits to go him!

Download (134,81 kb)

Rewritters notes

February 17, 2010

All I got after downloading the plain text file Sshkmids.txt
was one chaotic mess. I had to rewrite it again and to bring
the pieces back in order. It is nothing compared to the chaos
of the dynamic midi pieces chicajo has found by listening to
the .xmi files on the games cd-rom. I encodet them by myself
and I respect him for the work he has done to make them audibly.
The first I noticed after reading the file was that Chicajo´s
first name is Joey as well as mine. Awesome, isn´t it?
More than 12 years have past, since he wrote this text file!
Joey.. i mean Chicajo did a fantastic job to edit each MIDI
and allowing us to listen to the chaotic packed MIDI files
of this gem of video game history in their desired order.
I dunno why it got lost over all these years or who uploadet
the archive to
were I found it and I realy want to know why we cant download
the files of this package through a link on his website.
It is true, he is running a website
with many more remixes and you better get moving and write
him a Thank-You e-mail!

This package includes the readme_insect.txt, which you are
reading right now, as well as the rewritten Sshkmids.txt
from chicajo himself. Forthermore, there is a playlist with
all the in this package including MIDIs. I took my time to
bring them into order. They are placed in their appearance
inside the game.

Below is a list with all the files inside this package:

All credits for the MIDIs go to him!

I just repacked the files. Dont thank me, because he is
the man who created them!

A big Thank You to all the producers and creators who
worked so hard to create the video game series
System Shock. Without you, we addicts would not exist
either. ;)

Joey “Acantophis3rd” O

About acantophis3rd

My name is Joey and I'm an active Lets Player on Youtube for more than 8 years now. I'm playing and writing about games of my childhood & sometimes even step into the world of modern gaming.
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  1. Thanks for the link. I’m constantly searching around for FPS info – particularly obscure stuff. If you know of anything, the rarer the better, that you think should be include on my site, please let me know!

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